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Managed IT Services Tailored for Canadian CPA Firms
April 17, 2023

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Managed IT Services Tailored for Canadian CPA Firms

Toronto, ON – April 17, 2023 – BAI Solutions Inc, a Managed Service Provider (MSP), is proud to announce its exclusive offering of managed IT services for Canadian CPA firms.

With 30 years of experience in supporting hundreds of firms with hardware, software, and day-to-day application solutions, BAI Solutions Inc is excited to become a one-stop expert for Canadian CPAs. By simplifying and integrating essential technologies, BAI Solutions Inc aims to streamline daily operations for CPA firms across the country.

Dwayne Bragonier, founder of BAI Bragonier & Associates Inc., and Mike Turczyniak, founder of Mico Systems Inc, express their enthusiasm about today’s announcement. Bragonier points out that practitioners have long struggled with unwieldy systems, feeling overwhelmed by their IT infrastructure. He emphasizes the need for simplicity and efficiency in the industry.

Turczyniak highlights the unique advantage of BAI Solutions Inc’s exclusive focus on CPA firms, stating, “We know what’s out there, but more importantly, we continually evaluate all these offerings with the specific focus of what works best in our niche market.”

About BAI Bragonier & Associates Inc

BAI Bragonier & Associates Inc. is Canada’s premier provider of integrated policies for the CPA industry, combining industry-specific tools, rules, and disciplines to enhance efficiency, productivity, and wealth for Canadian public accounting firms. For over 10 years, their innovative tool, ClientDocs, has streamlined client document management for 3,000+ professionals at 100+ locations across Canada.

About Mico Systems Inc

At the time of its sale, Mico Systems Inc. was a leading provider of managed IT services for public accounting firms for over 20 years. Utilizing a highly successful framework for managed services, Mico Systems harnessed the power of Microsoft Office 365, Azure, and VOIP to support their clients.

Contact Dwayne Bragonier or learn more about BAI Solutions Inc’s managed services.