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Select Paperless…Have you been looking under the street light? Paperless Have you been looking under the street light
July 4, 2010

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Paperless…Have you been looking under the street light?

There is an old joke that goes something like this…

Late at night a police officer comes upon a drunken man crawling around on his hands and knees under a streetlight. He tells the officer that he is searching for his wallet. The officer assists with the search. Finally, the officer asks the man if he is sure he lost his wallet here. The man immediately replies that he actually thinks he lost it across the street. Then why have we been searching here? Because the light’s better here, replies the man.

Being accountants, we expect we can clearly quantify what is relevant; however, the truth is that it is often extremely difficult to clearly measure what is relevant. Why… because the true value of your paperless undertakings is not decreased paper costs nor less floor space for cabinets. The true value is in the new protocols available in a non-paper based world.

BAIWAY ClientDocs is a simplified, finely tuned set of protocols + policies designed specifically for a public accounting office. It provides a new platform upon which paperless innovation takes place naturally. The easily achieved 5 to 10% over-all efficiency gains, reported by BAI Member Firms, are from numerous interconnected procedures that are clearly stated.

Are you ready to complete your search… Stop looking in the light of the paper world and take a look across the street… BAIWAY ClientDocs is there for you.