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BAIWay ClientDocs

ClientDocs simplifies and integrates the many technologies you use each day. It’s based on the systematic use of tools—not content. The fact is, the toolsets we use are becoming very complex and interconnected but software vendors cannot assist you in how to make those connections.

For two decades, BAI Bragonier & Associates has devoted itself to assisting hundreds of firms across Canada and the US in the deployment of their paperless office undertakings. For well over ten years, we have been focused on proactively collaborating, evaluating, documenting, and refining varied yet specific policies and protocols into proven integrated business processes.

BAIWay ClientDocs

BAIWay ClientDocs can increase the efficiency, productivity and wealth of your firm.

ClientDocs is a proven platform to manage your client-centric assurance and tax content – seamlessly.

To become a BAIWay Member Firm is not a casual step. It is not another onetime patch. It is truly a common-sense revival. Aligning yourself with the BAI proven methodological cornerstone allows you to incorporate the value of future enhancements into a working model.

You can be one of many firms that are successfully profiting from ClientDocs in practice. BAIWay Member Firms enjoy an exclusive club membership structure built for the future.


We work with your Committee of Champions, consisting of people on your team that represent all functions, to ensure that your needs are met and to secure their ability to lead and support your team.


ClientDocs clarifies the How, Where and When of client document management and includes full documentation of the policies and protocols to manage your main product – your expert content.


Online, on demand, and on topic…BAIAcademy ClientDocs courses provide hands-on learning during your onboarding process and allow each new team member to quickly get up to speed after you’re working the BAIWay.


As a BAIWay Member Firm, you will benefit from proactive collaboration and leave behind the disruptive leap frog implementation methodology of going it alone.


Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple,
…that’s creativity. Take a look!



A BAIWay Member Firm’s continued success is supported by ongoing coaching, licensed access to emerging tools and documentation and a library of on-demand learning at BAIAcademy.

Preparing for Success

Meet with your BAICoach to become well-versed in all aspects of BAIWay ClientDocs and to prepare your technology platform.

  • During this first stage of BAIWay ClientDocs implementation, the objective is to meet, instruct and coach your BAIWay Committee of Champions. We also ensure your technology platform is solidly grounded for the efficiencies our methodology will bring.
  • We instruct your Committee of Champions on the technical aspects of ClientDocs Policies + Protocols and will address issues from file preparation, review and finalization to how incoming client mail will be handled electronically. BAI’s philosophy is to educate.  Knowledge is the true product we deliver.
  • In addition, we will work with your staff to prepare, implement and integrate technologies to work smoothly with ClientDocs Policies + Protocols.
  • Finally, we will ensure several client-centric tests are performed to verify all is a “go” prior to end-user training.
Stages for Success

Practising for Success

Experience the simplicity and benefits of BAIWay ClientDocs through hands-on training. Succeed by doing – at your own pace.

  • The objective of this stage is to provide your team members with the opportunity to succeed by actually doing; to personally experience the simplicity and the benefits innate in this structured environment – ClientDocs.
  • These sessions are quick-paced lessons where we instruct and show and then your team members practise via a hands-on exercise. We firmly believe what Confucius so elegantly said so many years ago: “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.”
Stages for Success

Providing for Success

Given the above mandate, a BAIWay Member Firm’s continued success is supported by ongoing coaching, licensed access to emerging tools and documentation and a library of on-demand learning at BAIAcademy. Courses, written documentation, Vodcasts, RoundTables, membership community and an expert, independent BAICoach at your side.

  • BAIWay Member Firms are committed to simplify, collaborate and innovate their business models on an ongoing basis.
  • A foundation of sustainable success is based on BAI’s constant research, development and deployment of new efficiency techniques provided by emerging technology.
  • Association with fellow BAIWay Member Firms produces a collective benefit from proactive collaboration and abandons the disruptive leapfrog implementation methodology of going it alone.
  • The future is clear for a BAIWay Member Firm. They have expert, independent advice with a BAICoach at their side. They avail themselves of the proven protocols provided by the homogenous environment they share as a common foundation (CaseWare, TaxPrep / Profile, MS Office + Doc.It). They are continuously empowered due to this simple, innovative and collaborative yet structured approach that is common to all BAIWay Member Firms.
Stages for Success