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We’ve been in the trenches.

Each BAICoach is a CPA who has worked in public practice. We know the challenges you face every day.

We now focus our professional knowledge with our keen technology expertise to dive deep into the strategic opportunities in our industry.

Learn more about the advantages of ClientDocs and being a BAIWay Member Firm!

BAIWAY ClientDocs Coaching

BAIWay ClientDocs has been discussed and debated by our team of coaches, to ensure that each BAICoach can provide you with consistent support.

Thrash: “To talk over thoroughly and vigorously in order to reach a decision, conclusion, or understanding; discuss exhaustively.”


The result is a thorough understanding of the influencing factors and the benefits of the ClientDocs solution.

We work with your Committee of Champions, consisting of people on your team that represent all functions, to ensure that your needs are met and to secure their ability to lead and support your team.

In a world where vendors operate in a silo, your BAICoach provides an invaluable support net encompassing multiple products.

Expertise, understanding and aptitude. We pride ourselves on always striving to be better, to benefit you.

Discover the advantages of BAIWay ClientDocs and the benefits of being a BAIWay Member Firm!