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Like anything else, if it’s not documented, it’s easy to lose one’s way. Details can get distorted, or just plain forgotten. Solution: ClientDocs written and video documentation!

ClientDocs Documentation

After working with hundreds of firms to implement their document management solutions, we at BAI Bragonier & Associates Inc found that their enthusiasm gave way to the practicalities of running a professional practice. Although fully informed and thoroughly capable, the firm was consistently challenged to capture the policies, and then communicate to and train existing and new team members. Sound familiar?

BAIWay ClientDocs provides full documentation of the policies and protocols to manage your main product – the expert content that
you deliver to your client. And also all the expert content that our profession requires us to keep.

  • A concise handbook is available for all team members, providing all ClientDocs Policies + Protocols that will ensure a consistent approach to working with and archiving client documents.
  • Your ClientDocs Policies + Protocols handbook also documents application specific settings to get maximum productivity out of the content management features in your software. And we provide tools to push those settings out consistently for everyone. Quickly.

All of this allows team members to work consistently and efficiently. And more importantly, once they perform
the steps consistently, it allows more time to focus on the real task at hand.

For team members just getting up to speed, we provide all learning on demand – all
the instructional details you’ll need to get up and running with specific tasks quickly. Whenever you need it. And as often as you need it.

Regardless of your role at your firm, the documentation is available for reference
anytime, and updated as needs change, both today and into the future!

Discover the advantages of BAIWay ClientDocs and the benefits of being a BAIWay Member Firm!