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BAIAcademy is your link to online learning at your own pace! And it’s available exclusively to BAIWay Member Firms.

In addition to convenience and affordability, here are some of the reasons you may want to consider taking advantage of online, on demand training.

BAIWAY ClientDocs Learning On Demand

Learning can be experienced concurrently no matter how big your team is.

People learn at their own pace. If they wish, they can revisit the material to ensure they have a solid understanding.

For every reader you can find thousands of watchers. Video is a proven method of attracting and holding the attention of the audience. Professionals in training are not immune to video’s charm.

A video can explain a process with a clarity that a written description simply cannot. This is true regardless of how sophisticated the process or task is.

While a personal instructor’s live performance may differ from one training session to the other, video remains the same, every time.

Videos are more accessible than books. As such, a video course can help people overcome any reservations or fear they may have related to a certain task.

To put it simply, video works. And we offer video-based learning in two ways…


Our on-demand courses consist of quick paced lessons to provide hands-on learning for both your entire team during your onboarding process as well as for new hires after you’re working the BAIWay.

Your team members will have the opportunity to succeed by actually doing; to personally experience the simplicity and the benefits innate in a structured environment.


BAI Bragonier & Associates Inc provides seasonal webinars which are available as vodcasts for on demand viewing either individually or in a group setting such as a breakfast / lunch and learn.

They are available to all your team members and present detailed explanations on specific BAIWay protocols as well of other topics of interest.

All courses and vodcasts qualify as verifiable professional development.
And, needless to say, they remain available for you to review as a refresher whenever you want.

Online, on demand and on topic…

Learning on Demand


Your link to online learning at your own pace! And it’s available exclusively to BAIWay Member Firms deploying ClientDocs.

  • Easily get new team members up and running
  • No pressure for reluctant team members
  • Anytime, anywhere learning
  • Hands-on practical experience in your own environment

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