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BAI Bragonier & Associates is an authorized trainer for CaseWare International. We offer courses throughout the year in central Ontario.

All courses are hands-on and class size rarely exceeds 12 participants!

If you prefer, training can be hosted by you either on-site at your offices or at a separate location.

Please contact us if you need more information on our course offerings.

BAI Training


Working Papers – Fundamentals

A comprehensive course designed to teach participants how to effectively use the software to control their engagement working papers and their client’s write-ups (if required). This class will enable you to have immediate hands-on experience with some of the key features of the software. Exercises will include concepts used in the preparation of a working paper file.

  • Incorporate firm standards
  • Engagement properties
  • Trial balance
  • Importing accounting data
  • Mapping
  • Other journal entries (write-up)
  • Adjusting journal entries
  • Annotations
  • Leadsheets
  • Navigation
  • Document management
  • Document library
  • Role completion
  • Working Off-site
  • PDF creation and annotation
  • GIFI
  • Repairing a file
  • Year End Close
  • File clean up and lockdown

Caseview – Fundamentals

This course is designed to teach the skills required to create (and then maintain) standard client-ready documents. Each participant will appreciate CaseView as a tool to generate financial statements and also any client-ready documents linked to any CaseWare Working Paper data. Participants will learn about the software’s foundation tools including almost all formatting features, cells, CaseWare database links, etc.

  • Creating documents
  • Forms vs Design mode
  • Formatting paragraphs
  • Mastering proper tab stops
  • Borders/shading
  • Using styles and style sheets
  • Table options
  • Checkboxes
  • Document logic
  • Automatic note numbers
  • Automatic note references
  • Automatic rounding
  • Document troubleshooting
  • Revision comparisons
  • Headers/footers
  • Nesting sections

Caseview – Advanced

This course is designed to entrench participants in the unique and well-developed document management features of this powerful software. Participants will leave this course with an enhanced vision of the template methodology that can help you maximize your profit potential. Participants will learn how and why this sophisticated software package can produce financial documents with better efficiency and better quality control than those produced using a name brand word processor.

  • Formatting/editing cells
  • Cell calculations
  • Table formatting
  • Database browses
  • Intelligent skipping
  • Automatic hide options
  • Popup cells (with choices)
  • Creating cells
  • Knowledge libraries
  • Automatic cross-referencing
  • Automatic note numbers
  • Milestones
  • Rounding
  • Logical cell numbering
  • Sections
  • Cell groups


Would you like to have training tailored to you?

Do you want control over the training environment for your team?

Could you benefit from open dialogue in a private environment throughout the learning process?

BAI Professionals would be pleased to offer any of our standard hands-on courses at your location. As well, we are happy to meet with you in advance to discover how the training can be tailored to meet your specific needs as a firm.*

Our goal is to provide strong interpersonal training and, as such, we have established a limit of 12 students per course per day.

All BAI Bragonier & Associates courses and seminars are available on-site for a daily charge of $395 per person plus expenses. Please note that on-site sessions have a standard minimum eight-person charge.

You are responsible for ensuring that participants have computers with the appropriate software available on the day of training.

Contact us today to discuss the approach that’s right for you!

* Additional fees apply to discovery sessions.


Our training environment provides for a limited number of participants. Class sizes rarely exceed 12 participants! All requests will be handled on an individual basis and you will receive confirmation when you are successfully registered and course fees are paid in full.

Our current pricing for public training courses is as follows:

1st Person/1st Course Discount** 2nd+ Person/Course
Courses – Full Day 795 50 745
On-Site * 395 395

* All BAI Bragonier & Associates Inc courses are available on-site. On-site sessions have a minimum 8 person charge.

** Discounts are given on the second and subsequent course and/or the second and subsequent participant – when registered from the same firm at the same time.


All instructor led courses are currently scheduled at Four Points by Sheraton Toronto, which is located on the east side of Airport Road at American Drive (not on the airport property).

We supply each participant with a computer configured with all software and data needed for training in any of our full or half-day courses offered to the public.

For training in your office, you are responsible for providing the computer and software that will be used by each student.

CaseView is a custom report writer, included with every installation of CaseWare Working Papers. There is no separate purchase or installation requirement.